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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Intensive (FAP)

Juni 20 um 8:00 - Juni 22 um 13:00


This is the first ever IN-PERSON FAP intensive in Europe. We will bring together FAP trainers from US and Europe. Elements of FAP levels 1, 2 and 3 will be combined with research discussions and specialist workshops.


This is a two and half day skills packed training in a process-based therapeutic approach. You will:

-Improve your FAP formulations skills.
-Learn to augment the therapeutic relationship – and you, the therapist – as a natural reinforcer to shape behavioural change. We will show you how to notice and decode the function of verbal and nonverbal interactions, and which behaviours to reinforce to get the therapeutic outcomes your clients need.
– For more advanced FAP clinicians, we will provide specialist training focusing on evoking and transforming emotional experiences for the client; working with diverse populations; using stories and metaphors; and how to conduct supervision FAP style!
– You will feel first-hand what a client will experience when they receive FAP. We call it “INTENSIVE” because it is designed to stretch your emotional and behavioural repertoire so you can become the most agile and adaptive therapist, with the ability to choose the most therapeutic response with your client in the moment!

WARNING: The FAP intensive will be a personally transformative experience!

The theme of this Intensive is “COMING HOME”

Coming back to the basics of applying the rigour of functional analysis to create a conceptualisation that can instil deep self-understanding and compassion. We will help each other explore and expand our potential, come home to our Being in coexistence with the World.

Let us create an intellectually vibrant and heartfelt community of FAPPISTAS we want to come home to. Let us radiate this impact to our clients to create a world we all want to belong to, and experience belonging in.

We have selected Budapest as a central location in Europe that is affordable to stay in and to travel to from much of the world. It is a site of rich history, Europe’s largest synagogue, a number of UNESCO heritage sites, a thriving LGBTQ community, and vibrant art and music scenes. This is an essential workshop for those working towards therapist and trainer certification as it contributes towards the training criteria. More experienced FAPpers can volunteer to be a pod leader to assist with the workshop.

Optional social events will be organised, though this is also a beautiful city full of parks, dancing, and open spaces where you might want to build new connections. There will be options for both meditative walks along the river and the beautiful central island, or tastes of the nightlife (e.g., karaoke, dancing, etc.).

We’re excited about this opportunity to come together again as a community in a new way, and to create a memorable encounter.


Juni 20 um 8:00
Juni 22 um 13:00


Budapest, Ungarn
Central European University Auditorium, Nádor u. 15
Budapest, 1161 Ungarn
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